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Instantly share your memories with friends and family.

Check it out:
Check it out:

Piceo App available for iPhone & Android.

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How it Works

Piceo allows you to create public, private, and specifically shared galleries for friends and family.

Create a gallery, upload your photos and videos and share instantly. Once a gallery has been shared, anything uploaded to that gallery will automatically show up for your friends and family sharing the same gallery.




Key Features

Some of the great features you can expect from Piceo.

Free Signup

Always Free No Credit Card Required.

User Friendly

Interface Designed for Ease of Use and Navigation.

Connect With People

Search, Follow and Creat Groups for Sharing Memories.

Controlled Sharing

Share Only what you want with who you want.

Private Galleries

These private galleries are only for you and no one else.

Commenting / Liking

Social interaction on all photos and videos.


Get notified on anything happening in your Galleries.

Cloud Storage

Don't worry about space on your phone, we store everything in the cloud for easy access.


Share Your Moments and Memories

Create shared galleries for your family and friends. All photos and videos uploaded to the shared gallery will instantly be available for others to enjoy.

You will be able to control all aspects of the shared gallery including who can access them and the order of the items in the galleries as well.

Instantly Share Photos and Videos

No more spending time AirDropping or Texting each other at the end of them event. Once the photos and videos have been uploaded to the desired gallery, just share it with your group.

They will be able to see all items uploaded to the gallery instantly. No more getting mad because someone forgot to send you the pictures or videos you were in at the party.


Piceo is a very well thought out software for todays photo sharing world. With so much social media platforms on the market, why is it still so difficult to share a simple photo or video with a group of specific people. I don't want the whole world to see the pictures we took at our family reunion party, and that is where Piceo comes in. With ease of use being the main target, we give you the ability to share and the ones you love without the fear of any unwanted eyes.

Yes, Piceo is Free with singup and use. You can create albums and share media with friends and family without spending extra money.

All photos and videos uploaded to Piceo are encrypted and sent to our servers where we then upload to our private cloud with redundant backups being sent to another provider. We take extra steps to assure we do not lose any precious memories our users intrust us with. Your data is always safe and secure in our private data centers.

On the login screen of the app, you will see "Forgot your login details?" link. Once you go to that link, it will give you the option of resetting your password with either your phone number or email address you signed up with.


Piceo App available for iPhone & Android.

Download for FREE and start sharing today.

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